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Add: Chenjia Industrial Zone, Henjie town, Luqiao District, TaiZhou City, Zhejiang Province, China.
P.C.: 318056
Tel: 0086-576-82626588
Contact Person: Ms Alice
Mobile: +8613606668302
E-mail: sale@guorong.com
Website: www.guorong.com
Taizhou Guorong Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd. enjoys good traffic conditions. By car it is four hours' distance from Shanghai , one hour's distance from Wenzhou Airport, 100 minutes'distance from Ningbo Airport and 20 minutes'distance from Huangyan Airport. There are many flights from Shanghai, Beijing,Hongkong, Shenzhen to Wenzhou, Ningbo, Huangyan Airport everyday.Once you tell us the time you arrive ahead of schedule, we will arrange someone to pick you up.
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